Edwina Clark

       Counsellor and Psychotherapist

BSc AdvDipCouns  MBACP (accredited)


Counselling is a collaboration - a way to take a fresh look,

gain perspective in a confidential, safe and supportive place.

It can help clarify problems and challenges, identify new

possibilities for change, gain fresh perspective - or

acknowledge the impact of life events


A few sessions, with particular focus may be all that is needed. Longer-term counselling looks at deeper seated, more complex issues.

The first session is an opportunity to consider whether this is

the right time for counselling, whether we can work together

and also to discuss and agree the focus and length of therapy.

A day and a time will be agreed - sessions lasting 50 minutes,

usually once a week.

Long-term work is guided by regular review to gain overview

and focus.


Skills can be learned to help manage a crisis or cope with

everyday life. A sense of purpose can be regained after a

period of  illness or bereavement.

Counselling can help you gain acceptance of self or others.









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