Edwina Clark

       Counsellor and Psychotherapist

BSc AdvDipCouns  MBACP (accredited)


I am a fully qualified, BACP accredited psychodynamic counsellor/psychotherapist, working in Cambridge, St Ives

and Warboys. I follow BACP ethical guidelines.

I work with individuals - 1:1 -  short or long term  

Fees - £50/hour



Certificate and Advanced Diploma Psychdynamic Counselling

                                                       (University of Cambridge)

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (Cambridge Body

                                                               Psychotherapy Centre)                                                                                                    

Time Limited Work

Foundation Course Group Analysis (IGA, Fulbourn, Cambridge)

Counselling for Childhood Sexual Abuse (Choices)                                


Experience :

        - work in association with GP surgery

        - mental health charities

        - private practice

        - Employee Assistance Programmes

        - BUPA registered


Relationship is at the centre of my work - acknowledging and

exploring the impact of the past  on current feelings, thoughts

and behaviour. I encourage the development of coping strategies

to deal with present difficulties -  with a view to moving forward

by building on strengths. Mindfulness techniques may be used to

raise awareness of physical and emotional states, to manage


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